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Hermione in the Naval battle of Louisbourg, by Auguste-Louis de Rossel de Cercy - 1781
The Hermione was a french warship used from 1779 to 1793. It was a 12-pounder Concorde class frigate of the French Navy. Hermione was built in eleven months at Rochefort, by the shipwright Henri Chevillard as a light frigate, fast and maneuverable Lafayette navigated on it to help American people who were fighting for the independance.
In 1997 a reconstruction project started in Rochefort to celebrate the 200th anniversary of this famous ship. The new ship is named L'Hermione II. Présentation
Its three masts measure 66 meters of length and the main mast peaks at more than 47 meters.
After 17 years of construction, this ship in XVIIIth wood went out for the first time at sea in September of 2014. It will cross the atlantic ocean like the Hermione in 2015.
If you want to know more details about the trip of this ship, click on the link below ! Hermione

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