Native American Woodland Indians
Read this article and answer the questions on a seperate piece of paper...... 1. Where did the Eastern Woodland Indians get their food, shelter, clothing, weapons and tools from? 2. Woodland tribes lived in _______ and longhouses. 3. Face painting was a big deal, they wore it to _________ _______. How well do you know your history? Do you know what wigwams, ugly masks and loincloths have in common? Or what the California Indians could make as small as a thimble or as large as a desk?
After watching this tribal dance write on a seperate sheet of paper you answer to these questions. What did you think of this dance? Did you like it or not? Why or why not? What do you think they were trying to tell you through this dance? YouTube
Native Americans used picutures to write. Use this key and write a couple of sentences using pictures.
Enjoy! A great song to learn your tribes of eastern woodlands. Used as an educational video for a school project.