Punk Rock DIY In The Classroom: A CUERockStar session: Intro
There may be the occasional swear word in the songs you will hear, but we are teachers, so we will try and keep it appropriate for all.
Ask David Theriault questions before and after the session using Twitter. twitter.com The latest Tweets from David Theriault (@davidtedu). English teacher @FVHSbarons Love memorable moments. Love 80s punk & hip-hop. UC Irvine. Love sharing food. Not an expert, but love questions https://t.co/lye5b0rVsw. California, raised by Acadians
There may be the occasional curse word in some of the songs you will hear, but we left out the ones that would make even the most hardened teen freak out.
Use Twitter to ask Bob Kelly questions before and after our session. twitter.com The latest Tweets from Mr Robert Kelly (@MrKellyIII). Husband, Father-- Teacher-US History, Economics, Government, Psychology-- Football Coach--Google Certified Teacher--Constant Learner!. North Fork/O'Neals, CA
Each participant in the Punk Rock DIY session will create their own Punk Fanzine as a learning and sharing tool. We will use analog and digital tools to make our fanzines memorable and shareable.
A great blog post by Mr. Robert Kelly on a DIY approach to teaching and presenting. learningismybusiness.blogspot.ie Last week I toured the Midwest and ended up in Phoenix as I gave a series of seminars to teachers on how to use technology better in social ...
A blog post by David Theriault on how Punk Rock saved his teenage soul just as Voxer saved his teaching soul. thereadinessisall.com I was fifteen-and-a-half and hadn’t run away from home yet. After a year of Catholic high school I felt lost and confused. My parents had originally pulled me out of public school in the 6th grade.…
A great example of: 1. How much thinking went into punk rock. 2. The power of having a class icon or name. 3. The power of reflecting and sharing our process and product. youtu.be On this episode of The Art of Punk we hit head on with the art behind the legendary Dead Kennedy's. From the chaotic, surreal, madness, of collage mixed with...
This session costs an extra $30 to attend, please make sure to register ahead of time. Yes I know it's not very punk rock to charge extra, but this event takes place at a big venue and even punk rockers charged money for tickets at big venue punk shows. You gotta pay the man to use his facilities. Paying for this session is your way of telling CUE that you want to see more creative sessions and workshops like this Punk DIY session. Thanks. cueweb.cue.org CUE Login
Register for the 2015 Punk Rock DIY In The Classroom. Limited Seating! You can also go here to register: https://cueweb.cue.org/cueweb/Login/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fcueweb%2fconference%2fConfWebStore.aspx%3f__redir%3d1&__redir=1 2015jams.cuerockstar.org CUE Rock Star Teacher Jam Sessions at Annual CUE
What is PUNK EDU? A great blog post by Mr. Robert (Bob) Kelly: teacher, football coach, learner. learningismybusiness.blogspot.ie Once upon a time I was part of the entertainment.  From the first note of the show, I was in the pit and stayed in and around it and mayb...
Songs In My Head- Punk Rock and Teaching by Mr. Robert Kelly learningismybusiness.blogspot.ie I spend the vast majority of every day with some song or tune running through my head.  It can greatly shape or describe my mood and overall...
Besides a punk teaching/learning mindset and approach what ELSE can I learn from your DIY session? i.imgur.com
Intro docs.google.com Punk [DIY] Learning @MrKellyIII @davidtEDU
BF and ST docs.google.com Punk Rock DIY--ST & BF
Three Chords docs.google.com The Power of Anger as a change agent.
DK and RATM docs.google.com Punk Rock DIY--DK & RATM
Everyone on the stage docs.google.com Start at 4:35
Our punk video list for the session. Click here to go to a curated, set list of songs. Great for listening before or after our session. You can bring it up on your smart phone and listen while you drive or fly to CUE. START THE PIT! www.youtube.com Jealous cowards try to control Rise above We're gonna rise above They distort what we say Rise above We're gonna rise above Try and stop what we do Rise abov...
Bob's playlist. He rules. www.youtube.com athuority bullshit!
DIY Fanzine COOKBOOK recipes accounts.google.com Here are the ingredients you would find in a punk fanzine Interviews (Ask someone some questions) Scene Reports (Think classroom or school reports) Single Panel Comic or a Cartoon strip Something weird or random. There was a page in Punk magazine where there were photos of two guys fighting, but...
Click the link to see our students making their punk fanzines. twitter.com “Students in #cue15 #DIYclassroom are making fanzines with 8×14 paper, magazine cutouts, pre-printed artwork and a l…”
Click here to see the photos of our session from our students. twitter.com On 14 Sep 2016 @teachertube tweeted: "12 Ways To Keep Your Classroom Tidy &amp.." - read what others are saying and join the conversation.
Here is the What is Punk/Teaching Padlet from our session. Feel free to add. padlet.com Who are you? Put your name in the title of your post. Add an image to the body of the post that illustrates what you think of punk rock or punk rock in the classroom and explain as you would like.

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