The Great Wall of China serves as a national barrier for China.
The Great Wall of China is over 6,500 Kilometers in length.
Structures used for military purposes include walls, passes, and beacons.
The Great Wall of China is the largest ever built structure in terms of mass and surface area.
In early days of construction, dirt and gravel were stomped together to create the wall. Later, the wall was built with stone from nearby mountains.
Later, during the Ming Dynasty, the wall was rebuilt with stone and bricks, which is still standing today.
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The Great Wall Of China provided protection to economic development and cultural progress. It safeguarded trading routes and secured transmission of information and transportation. Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of a unified China. He is famous for the terracotta army that is buried with him, as well as for beginning construction on the Great Wall of China.
Most dynasties used natural-wall features to their maximum advantage. Most of the wall was made up along the Himalayan Mountain Range.
A map of the Great Wall of China
During the daytime, guards took the advantage of smoke to pass messages, since fire can’t be seen clearly during the daytime from far way. During the night, guards use fire
An aerial view of the great wall