Cotton Gin
A cotton gin is a machine that easily and effectively separates cotton fibers from their seeds. This allows the cotton fibers to be used for clothing or other goods in a quick and easy manner. Invented by Eli Whitney in 1793, the cotton gin soon played a crucial role in the cotton industry. No longer did cotton fibers have to be manually separated from seeds, but now could be done far faster and proficiently. The cotton gin revolutionized the global textile industry and expanded slavery. The textile industry was revolutionized when Eli Whitney invented a machine to separate the seeds from the cotton. The Cotton Engine, or Cotton Gin took a tedious and time-intensive process and turned it into a simple and quick process. This helped launch the massive cotton industry in the south.
The production of cotton skyrocketed after 1793 thanks to the invention of the cotton gin. Find out more about the history of Cotton Gin and Eli Whitney, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on
Prior to the invention of the cotton gin, cotton required considerable manual labor to be usable. After the invention of the cotton gin, cotton production became an extremely profitable business. This not only increased the demand for slaves to pick cotton, but created a strong demand for textile machinery and improved gin designs. This led to the invention of many beneficial machine tools, and further spurred the Industrial Revolution.
Modern cotton gins.
Cotton gins are still used today. Thanks to the cotton gin, clothes are manufactured by the millions, quickly and easily. Their capability and size has grown tremendously. Modern gins can process up to 33,000 lbs of cotton per hour! The cotton gin paved way for many inventions of the Industrial Revolution. Eli Whitney's invention transformed the way clothes and fabrics are produced.

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