Boston common It is the oldest public park in Boston but also in the USA (1634). It's the place where the Freedom Trail begins. There were public hangings
Massachusetts State House It's the Seat of the Massachusetts Government and it was built in 1795-1798.
Granary Burying Ground It's the third oldest cemetery It's the final resting place for many notables Revolutionary War patriots including three signers of the Declaration of Independence (Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Robert Treat Paine) and for Paul Revere and the five victims of the Boston Massacre.
Benjamin Franklin He is an american politician and inventor. He contributed to the writing of the Declaration of Independence and he's also one the signers. So he is one of the founding fathers. His statue is the first public statue of the person in Boston
Old south meeting house It's a church which was built in 1729. It burned in 1872 in the Great Boston Fire and then was built again. It's the place where the Tea Party starts.
Old state house It is an historic building because it's the oldest surviving public building in Boston (1713) It was originally the Seat of the Massachusetts General Court until 1798. Then it was sold to merchants after the Revolution. From 1830 to 1841 it became Boston city hall. After that it was used as a commercial use again until 1881. Today the building houses the Bostonian Society and the Museum of the America's Revolution. We can point out that the Declaration of Independance was proclaimed from the balcony to the citizens of Boston in 1776.
Massacre site The Massacre of Boston (5 March 1770) is a chapter of the opposition between american and british soldiers and it results to the Revolution and Independence War of the USA. The british imposed taxes on American products so the american demonstrated. The britannic commanding officer ordered to shot the crowd : five persons were killed. It became one of the triggering event of the Revolution.
Faneuil Hall It is a marketplace and a meeting hall since 1742. Samuel Adams and others patriots gave their speeches there and so this became the footstool for America&apos;s desire to obtain independence from the British. Nowadays it&apos;s still a market but also a meeting hall and the Artillery Company<br /><br />Quincy Market<br />It was built between 1824 and 1826. It sheltered the former covered market.<br />
Paul REVERE House<br />It&apos;s a colonial home during the time of Revolution, it built in 1680. <br />It&apos;s the house of Paul REVERE, a patriot of the Revolution, he informed american to the britannic army movement during the &quot;Midnight ride&quot;.<br />Today, his house is a museum.<br />
The Old North Church<br />It&apos;s the oldest church in Boston. It&apos;s at the top of the church that Paul Revere turned on lanters to warn the Americans from the britannics invasion.<br />
USS Constitution<br />It&apos;s the oldest war boat still used in the World. Originally built to protect merchant ships, during the Independence War it has destroyed or captured ennemy ships.<br />
Bunker Hill Site<br />The Bunker Hill is a battle during the Independence War and the siege of Boston, it was after the Boston Tea Party.<br />It&apos;s also one of the most bloody battle of the Independence War.<br />On the place, there is an obelisk erected between 1827-1863 which maesures 67 meters.<br /> The Battle of Bunker Hill - YouTube
The Boston Tea Party<br />Since 1767, the United Kingdom could tax the colonies about products like tea for instance so the American were disagree.<br />When the British boat arrived with tea, American prevent them to land the tea. Half of the boat come back in UK, but the others had to throw their tea. So the Boston port closed.<br />It&apos;s a symbolic event in American Revolution.<br /> A brief summary of the Boston Tea Party of 1773. I briefly touch on the French and Indian War, Stamp Act, Tea Act, Boston Tea Party and Coercive Acts.
In 1629, the first English colons arrived, and one year after, Boston was founded. Its name is taken from a North East English City. Boston had a quick development thanks to the port, the intellectual capital..<br />Boston is the oldest city of United State.<br />
John Hancock Tower<br />It built between 1968-1976. It&apos;s the biggest tower of Boston with 241 meters.<br />

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