This would be the location of the chapel in Beaumaris castle. In this chapel, it was separated horizontally so the lords would sit on the top and the servants would sit on the lower level. This chapel indominated the regular life of the people. This was one of the most importance place from the whole medieval castle.
This would be the location of the North and South gate house, located inside the tower. Outside is a inner ward and surrounding it is a moat,a deep, wide ditch surrounding a castle, fort, or town, typically filled with water and intended as a defense against attack.This castle has the basic "concentric" castle that was build almost geometrically symmetric. This symmetrical tower was made high enough so the tides would not be destroyed.
Inside the Beaumaris Castle, there's a large open space of Fortification. An open space within or between the walls of a castle fortified place, called the inner ward. This is large space is a court yard. This ''court yard'' is the ''heart'' of the castle and is surrounded by all four sides.
This is the entrance of one of many large medieval castles. This large castle is called Beaumaris Castle. I chose this castles because you can see the whole view of the castle. This castle has a large entrance that a long bridge is use to connect from the other side of the moat. The enterance to the castle was the weakest point because it was easily ¨hacked¨ because of its open area.
This big cylinder is the South East tower. These large, thick walled cylinder is a high secured prison. As seen without know the thickness of these wall, it would be hard to break these walls down and escape. This is the main reason this tower was built, as a high secured prison cell.
Around here would be the medieval kitchen. In the medieval kitchen there were servants or chefs that cooked the meals for the lord and his family. The kitchen on some castles were combine with the dining hall. The kitchen was sometimes connected to the kitchen. However, if the kitchen or dining hall wasn't connected, they were divided with screens.
There aren't any bathrooms or bath houses inside the castle. If there were, they would bath in wooden barrels or a small wooden tub that are portable. They usually bath outside but if the weather was bad, they would move the tub inside. This is only in the castles but outside the castles, there were public baths that many people would go and bath to wash of their dirt and they also do this to clean of the dirt of any disease they could've touched.
This is where the garderobes, or bathrooms, were inside the castles. Just so you know, this guy in the picture is just wooden! Anyways, in the garderobes, the rooms are small. As a small room, or a large cupboard, here are where the people in the castle have their valuables inside, or sometimes a cesspit which is a pit for the disposal for the liquid or waste.
1:00 through 1:35// In this video, shows a small tour of the Beaumaris Castle. Usually the castles are filled with tourist but the Beaumaris Castle isn't visited that much because this castle isn't tvery popular. In this video, the whole castle is purely stonely made and very "dark" and not a lot of energy for there are very little visitors and people that take care of this castle unlike some famous ones. For example, the Château de Chambord for it is large and in good condition. A look around this magnificent castle Music by Kevin Macloed Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
The undercroft is for storage or for rented out store shops. These undercroft is the space beneath the castle with a lot of space. When you visit the castles, the undercroft is where the tour guide barely shows you for it is plain and dark under there.