CSI Investigations
<h3>Get trained for your job as a Forensic Scientist at the CSI Training Center.</h3> <b>You task is to complete Case One: Rookie Training.</b> Create an account to save your work. forensics.rice.edu CSI: THE EXPERIENCE — Web Adventures
Start here.
Step 2: Watch the video about QR Codes. www.commoncraft.com
Huck Finn stages a crime scene to make it look like he was murdered. Your CSI team must collect the evidence with your iPad in the classroom. www.learning-english-online.net
Prepare for your CSI assignment and view the video. This must be viewed before you begin to collect the evidence in the classroom. www.youtube.com I came up with this idea as an activity to do prior to reading Ch. 6 & 7 of Huck Finn. To read further details about the activity go to my blog entry (http:/...
Using the QR text scans, copy and paste the evidence notes into a Google Document. <h3>There are six evidence clues.</h3>
Back in the lab (computer lab) draw a diagram of the crime scene in Google Draw. Your teacher will show you how to import your drawing.
Back in the lab (computer lab) analyze your evidence notes and formulate a theory based on the evidence.
<h3>Go back to the CSI lab and start your next case. Case 2.</h3> <br /><br /> forensics.rice.edu CSI: THE EXPERIENCE — Web Adventures
Turn in your CSI report to your CSI Superior. docs.google.com Ms. Merlino's In Box
<h3>Created by Thinklink Expert Educator Patricia Merlino.</h3> Graphic created by Patricia Merlino using canva.com. Visit my website at merlinotechmentions.weebly.com
<h3>#NGSS</h3> MS Life Sciences-Structure, Function, and Information Processing
This idea for this project is provided by Edtech Bytes with Mormann. <h3>Visit this page to download QR codes for this project.</h3> bormannbytes.com
Interactive Investigator-try your CSI skills to solve this crime. www.virtualmuseum.ca
Listen to your CSI Theme Song. soundcloud.com Listen to CSI Miami Theme by zamkenobi #np on #SoundCloud
Prepare for your first assignment. View the YouTube video.

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