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Hayes Grier: Wake Boarding<br /> YouTube
Hayes Grier was born on June 8, 2000.<br />
Hayes Grier: Wake Boarding<br /> YouTube
He was born in New York but grew up in North Carolina.
Hayes Grier started making Vines with his older brother Nash, but since striking out on his own he has climbed to the top 50 of the Vine charts. At just 14 years old he has over 3 million followers on Vine and over 1.75 million on Twitter. He is a rising star in the social media world. Right now Hayes is touring the USA with his brother and friends to meet his loyal fans and performing live
Popular Viner who became a part of the Magcon Boys when the group formed in September of 2013. He is also the younger brother of fellow web star Nash Grier
Hayes has two older brothers, nash Grier ansd Will Grier. He has one younger step sister Skylynn Floyd. His two parents and step parents.<br />

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