The Amendment was proposed in September 25,1789. It was ratified in December 15, 1791. A funny Lego video using stop-motion video to help remember the Bill of Rights.
If a disagreement where the value is more than $20 the right of trial by jury will be preserved.It can not be re-examined by any court in the United States. You may have heard of the term "jury nullification". Do you know how it began in America? Did you know it began here before the revolutionary war? Read the post and learn some interesting history about our legal system, and how some modern laws are history repeating itself.
If you were a doctor and you messed up on patient you would have the right to a trial and a jury.
A $200 mistake cost Dr. Morris Kinast his right to a jury trial. So later this month, the process of defending the doctor will continue in a civil bench trial, before a solitary judge. The ongoing legal saga illustrates the breadth, depth and limitations provided by the Seventh Amendment of the Bill of Rights.