Super Bowl
The night was filled with thrills and the excitement was untameable time show was awesome.
we had the popcorn popping chips and dip and drink umm. that was the best
The halftime was awesome Katy Perry did so great and so did the shark to the right that did his own thing and her Wii microphone was cool she put on a heck of a performence
the patriots had started off slow but they were at a point in the game where they had a big comback
Something werid is that the other team literally gave the patriots the ball that is so odd after that the patriots had increased in points
Close to the end someone started a fight on the oppisite team and they just went at each other
The seahawks had a total of 15 pentalties
I was very proud of the patriot they ended the game 24-28 they were the 24 but kudos to the other team that tried there hardest
The big rush of fun wanting to know who wins
What the superbowl is is that its not just a game but you can watch with your friends and kick back have your snack its nice to have your team win but what's nicer is having fun
They all came out winners
I almost lost hope for the patriots but they brought there game up

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