Nick Ogden plays Cleante, Harpagon's son, who falls in love with Mariane.
"Harpagon is a very strange man." -Kai Barshack
Melanie Blue plays Elise, Harpagon's daughter, who falls in love with the valet, Valere.
Robert Ramji plays Valere, Harpagon's valet who we later find out is the long-lost brother of Mariane.
Anna Ramji plays Mariane, Valere's sister who falls in love with Cleante but is almost married off to Harpagon.
Claire Kirkpatrick, one of the chefs.
Ainsley Ball, a thief trying to rob Harpagon.
Adriana Weiss, a policeman.
DeMehr Haywood, a handyman.
Signior Anselme, Mariane and Valere's father, who is engaged to marry Elise but encourages her marriage to Valere.
Eric Zeitz plays another chef.
Caroline Love, another policeman.
Will Ogden plays La Fleche, one of the servants in Harpagon's household.
Asher Sinaiko also plays La Fleche.

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