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Trench-the leading edge where an oceanic plate begins to subduct <br /> upload.wikimedia.org
divergent zone- where seafloor spreading occurs; new crust forms image.slidesharecdn.com
Island arc- a line of volcanoes along an oceanic-oceanic subduction zone upload.wikimedia.org
volcanic mountain range- created by a subducting plate melting, this range parallels the trench; example: Andes Mountains www.e-education.psu.edu
Transform boundary- plates slide against each other, producing earthquakes geology.uprm.edu
friction causes melting of the overlying plate; less dense, the magma moves upward to create volcanoes www.geologycafe.com
magma´╗┐ from below moves up to fill in the rift zone opening above www.youtube.com
Convection occurs in the lower mantle. Hitting the asthenosphere above, the rising´╗┐ magma plume spreads apart, pulling at the soft rock, creating a diverging zone. www.youtube.com
Lower Mantle- made of thick magma; convection here powers the tectonic plate movement above
asthenosphere- hot rock, but not melted; soft, can be bent, stretched (note: should be shown as a separate layer below lithosphere)
Lithosphere- hard, solid rock, along with crust (above) makes up tectonic plates
oceanic crust- thin, dense, young
Continental crust- least dense layer of rock; &quot;floats&quot; on top of Earth&apos;s layers, making it the oldest layer. Allows more dense oceanic crust to subduct.
The Wilson Cycle shows how a rift zone on land becomes a seafloor spreading zone; eventually the sea closes up and mountains form. www.youtube.com A short animation about how a continent splits up into a continental rift valley and later into an open ocean by sea floor spreding, and finally the closure ...
shallow earthquakes
intermediate depth earthquakes
deep earthquakes
shallow earthquakes
sediment build-up at continent&apos;s edge gets dragged into subduction zone, leading to pressure build-up and tsunamis www.youtube.com This replaces previous subduction animation. www.iris.edu/educate In this animation, we are showing an ocean/continent convergent boundary. We see the denser...
Mr. Comerford&apos;s plate boundary rap www.thinglink.com TOUCH this image to discover its story. Image tagging powered by ThingLink