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<h3>Potato Salad! made by John</h3> www.inspiredtaste.net
<h3>Hotdogs are my favorite Super Bowl food!</h3> s3.amazonaws.com
<h3>What&apos;s this interesting concoction? </h3>
<h3>It&apos;s Spinach/Artichoke dip!!</h3> foodnetwork.sndimg.com
<h3>Whats a Super Bowl party without Chips and Salsa???</h3><h3><br /></h3><h3>The Chips &amp; Salsa restaurant in NYC is one of my favorites!</h3> www.seamless.com {{site.pageMetaService.pageMeta.desc}}
Learn how to make your own Buffalo Wings! www.youtube.com Make Your Own Buffalo Wings - YouTube
The National Chicken Council tells us that Americans will consume 1.25 billion of these bony appendages this weekend — dramatically more than on every other day of the year. The Council&apos;s mock-serious Wing Report, released annually on this occasion, contains many more crucial facts that underline its Snack Bowl domination. For instance, 1.25 billion wings weigh 5,955 times more than the combined weight of the Seahawks and Patriots players.
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<h3>GO SEAHAWKS!</h3> www.youtube.com YouTube