<h3>by Jalen Sanders</h3>Detroit Lions Are Beast<br />
<h3>Conversation Options</h3> Serious snowfall in Chicago throughout the day and game provided a conversation option outside of football and food! <h3><br /></h3> s1.thingpic.com
<h3>Favorite Commercial</h3> Loved this commercial featuring Walter White. I seriously miss Breaking Bad! Video provided via YouTube youtu.be YouTube
<h3>Food Ideas for Next Year</h3> I wish I had time to make this Snackadium, but must give the credit to Pillsubry. Maybe next year? www.pillsbury.com Get your fans revved up with easy at-home versions for game day.
<h3>Half-Time Show</h3>Katy Perry certainly knows how to make an entrance! Here is the song that opened the show. <b>Audio available via Groove Shark</b> grooveshark.com
<h3>SuperBowl Highlights</h3>Sometimes it&apos;s hard to pay close attention to the game so I&apos;m glad to have these highlights handy <b>Video provided via YouTube</b> www.youtube.com YouTube
<h3>Game Location: Boi</h3><h3>Boi</h3>Wish I was there! <br /> s1.thingpic.com
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