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<h3>Real World Problem and Solution</h3> Researchers at UWE Bristol have developed a compact and portable water filtration system capable of delivering clean drinking water at source. The system is suited for use in remote or undeveloped areas of the world and to provide for disasters and emergencies and could revolutionise the lives of people who currently have no access to clean drinking water. youtu.be Researchers at UWE Bristol have developed a compact and portable water filtration system capable of delivering clean drinking water at source. The system is ...
<h3>Image</h3>Working as a team, your group will design a filtration system to remove as much dirt as possible from a batch of dirty water.<br /> Click on the video icons to see examples by students.
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<h3>Math Connection</h3>Teachers can offer an optional materials store and give students play money to purchase supplies. Students can determine the cost of their water filtration system and set a price for their product. Groups can include cost of labor and set a price that will reflect a profit. Completed products can be sold at a class store.
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<h3>Test</h3> docs.google.com Water Filtration System Rubric
<h3>Improve</h3>As a tem of engineers, our class has created several protoypes of a water filtration system. Evaluated each protype to determine which solutions worked best. Work together to redesign your water filtration system to make it better. Test your new design and evaluate the results again until your results move up on the rubric.<br />
<h3>Create a Public Service Announcement</h3> Teachers can find resources at www.scholastic.com In this lesson, students will use what they've learned about distracted driving, how it affects their classroom and community, and how to create and deliver an effective message to create their own PSA storyboard. PSA. Students will use the experiences from this unit as a springboard for planning their Drive2Life PSA. Students can then submit this storyboard to the Drive2Life contest. (Please note that only individual entries may be accepted.)
<h3>Teachers</h3>This interactive image can be point for your own lesson that follows the engineering esign process Just change the tags or add your own. More information can found in the associated blog post on the ThingLink Blog. <b>Submit your interactive image to the ThingLink Creative Challenge for a chance to win a $200 Amazon Gift Card </b>
<h3>Arts Connection</h3>Students can be encourage to include music, arts, screenwriting, etc. to communicate their message. <b>Ideas include:</b> -Write a jingle for a commercial about your product -Compuse a musical background piece to set the tone for a PSA about the need to develop water filtration systems. <br />
<h3>Create</h3>Build your water filtration system. Use the camera on your iPad to take pictures of work in progress to document the learning OR use the video camera to create a video of the processs. s4.thingpic.com
<h3>Example of a PSA</h3> youtu.be Mission Statement TMA is dedicated to uplifting the quality of life in impoverished areas of the Thane District of India. We accomplish this through programs...
<h3>Example PSA: Animation Style</h3> youtu.be Here's an explanation of how a biosand filter for those of us with short attention spans. Seriously though, these things took a lot of research by many dedic...
#NGSS Standards <b>The Nature of Technology</b>  1: Students will develop an understanding of the characteristics and scope of technology. Technology and Society  6: Students will develop an understanding of the role of society in the development and use of technology.  7: Students will develop an understanding of the influence of technology on history. Design  9: Students will develop an understanding of engineering design.  10: Students will develop an understanding of the role of troubleshooting, research and development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving. <b>Abilities for a Technological World</b> 11: Students will develop abilities to apply the design process. 13: Students will develop abilities to assess the impact of products