Triangle Trade and Atlantic Slave Trade
Interactive Map: triangular trade Interactive Map: Triangular Trade Routes
very explicit description Posts about the history of immigration to the United States from the colonial era up to current events.
Atlantic Slave Trade: Crash Course [11 min] In which John Green teaches you about one of the least funny subjects in history: slavery. John investigates when and where slavery originated, how it change...
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade [8 min] Like us on Facebook: Visit our website:
Annotated interactive map [5 min] Triangular Trade - YouTube
Trade Routes, Goods, and Effects Check out this site for facts about Triangular Trade between the 13 Colonies, Europe and West Africa. History and map of the Triangular Trade routes. Facts, information and definition of the Triangular Trade routes
Short Clip from HBO video: Middle Passage The Middle Passage CLIP - YouTube
Animation exploring the experience of the Middle Passage [34 min] An animation which explores the slave trade and the journey of the Trans-Atlantic voyage.
Slave trade with background in African history Page not found | Exploring Africa

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