Remix of "Torch Product Analysis"
Battery Holder This is used to keep the batteries in place, it is found inside the body of the torch. This torch needs 1 battery holder, it fits 3 AAA batteries. Its quality is 8pcs, its dimensions are 60mm by 22mm, it has a metal column\spring so the battery can fit well (probably made out of steel or copper). The main body of it is probably made out of polyethylene as it is strong but slightly bendy, and could snap easily. It is also a cloudy white colour. It might be biodegradable and is highly likely recyclable.
Triple A Battery These are used to power the torch, with chemicals that act as a fule. They go inside the battery hold which is found inside the torch body. In this torch you need 3 AAA batteries. They are 44.5mm in length, and 10.5 in diamiter each. At one end there is a positive terminal (with a height of about 1.2mm) and at the other end a flat negative terminal. These batteries are probably made from Alkaline, as are not rechargeable and weigh around 11.5 grams. This means they have 150 volts. These batteries are most likely recyclable. AAA battery - Wikipedia
Wrist Band This is attached to the back of the torch and is used to strap on your wrist.It is made out of nylon, or woven thread, with metal key chain.
Button Cover This is used to protect the button to turn the torch on, and is placed at the end of the torch in the head of the torch. This is made out of rubber and has a bumpy texture to improve the comfort. It is black in colour to match the rest of the torch's design as it's visible.
Torch Head This is the bottom of the torch which you screw onto the body of the torch to hold everything in. It is easy to screw on so people can get batteries out to change them. It is made of polystyrene. The visible parts are designed with purple flowers to make the product more attractive. How flashlight is made - history, used, parts, components, structure, History, Design
Spring This is used to help function the on off button, and make good contact. It is found just above the battery holder linking the batteries to the switch. This spring is made out of steel, and is just a simple spring. Spring (device) - Wikipedia
Torch Body This hold all the pieces in place, and is the handle of the torch. It is made out of polystyrene, as it is strong, brittle and coloured. It has texture to make it more comfortable, and coloured design for appearance.
Torch Button This it the on and off button on the torch, it is located at the bottom of the torch inside the head of the torch. It is made out of plastic and steel.
Bulbs These what give off the light. They are connected to the batteries in a series circuit. It is 9 LED. They are found at the end of the torch behind plastic. They are made out of glass as transparent, hard, shatter easily, and have extremely high melting point.
Bulb Case This fits over the bulbs. It's used to protect the bulbs, if the torch is dropped. It is made out of low density polystyrene. I know this because it is rigid, strong and cheap, so can not be recyclable. But has a metallic look. It is probably recyclable.
Lens These fit on the end of the torch over the light, it is used to dim the light and protect the bulbs. It is made out of acrylic, as it's transparent and rigid. y
Spring This is used to help function the top end of the torch, it is placed between the batteries and the bulbs. It is made of steel, I think this is the case as it is a good conductor, strong and looks metallic. Spring (device) - Wikipedia
Plastic part This is used to fit the bulb part into the torch and make sure they don't fall out. It is made of plastic, as it is cheap and rigid, however it has a metallic look to make it look expensive.

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