It is say that it is in this villiage that Azwraith the Phantom Lancer's was born.
The Peaks of Nishai, raging against the sky. At the bottom of these the Birthplace' of Raigor Stonehoof, the Earthshaker is to be found
The Temple of mene is the home of Mirana the wonderful, her beauty and wisdom is by none to compare.<br />
This monstrosity of a statue was created by the spirit of the earth, to celebrate nature and sky
Juggernaut is said to have roamed these isles
In the vast depths of the ocean is a race far more evil and vile than then creatues on the land. They have recieved no name and therefore is called the name of the ocean. The Mer. Few people alive in this age have seen the tidehunter and the swordbearer. <br />
Closer to shore but still so deep that no land creature can breath there is the depths of Leviant. The great Tidehunter is also seen here<br />
In the Depths of Slithereen is the Naga to be found. She is the Leader of a whole army of her kind. <br />
In the Nightsilver Woods is Luna to be found. She roams these woods to keep uphold the true order of nature<br />
In these vallys is the Birthplace of Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper.
Birthplace of Chen, the Holy Knight
Birthplace of Rhasta, the Shadow Shaman.
Home of Clinkz, the Bone Fletcher
Lanaya used to study what little was left of the Violet Archives, most likely including a couple of materials written by the major Tinker Boush.
Chen the holy knight is now stationed here.<br />
Clockwerk, tinker, sniper, Gyrocoper, Alchemist, Timbersaw and Techies is now living here
Ravaged by savage living trees for reasons unknown. Rizzrack, pilot of the Timbersaw suit, is one of those who got away with their lives.
Home to all five of Meepo&apos;s, the Geomancer
Ravaged by the Legion of the Dead God - Temporary home for the Anti-Mage
The feral Road which Sven had wandered through.
Cladd appears to be just a country - a seemingly powerful one at that, having a mighty fleet at one time. What&apos;s of some note is that they employed cannon ships as part of the fleet, meaning that either non-Keens have access to technology or that they&apos;re in a trade alliance with them - at least at some point they must have been.
A people that are best described as the offspring of a fuzzy mammoth and a rhinoceros, those proud beasts that particularly inhabited the vicinity of mountain Joerlak, used to be commanded by a Matriarch and one more of their kin until the fateful day of the mountain&apos;s artificial eruption. It is also notable that they are considerably pragmatic, blunt and their horns are expensive and valuable beyond any cost.
Serves as home for the ancient Order of Oyo and their Brewmaster, Mangix. Famous for its wheel books and their ominous songs of times long forgotten. Though some might say that the old books could also speak of the future
Based in the caverns surround the Font of Avernus, a source of immense power - including prophecy - and the mysterious black mist which evidently conceals and empowers all members. Are sworn to protect the Font with their lives.
Also often visited by the Geomancer quintet. Mostly ravaged by explosives
Wiped of their people, the nation of Thousand Tarns, by Axe&apos;s Army of the Red Mist