Animal Cell Model
Ribosome (dots)
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
Next Generation Science Standards: MS-LS1-2.Develop and use a model to describe the function of a cell as a whole and ways parts of cells contribute to the function. [Clarification Statement: Emphasis is on the cell functioning as a whole system and the primary role of identified parts of the cell, specifically the nucleus, chloroplasts, mitochondria, cell membrane, and cell wall.] [<i>Assessment Boundary: Assessment of organelle structure/function relationships is limited to the cell wall and cell membrane. Assessment of the function of the other organelles is limited to their relationship to the whole cell. Assessment does not include the biochemical function of cells or cell parts.</i>] MS.Structure, Function, and Information Processing | Next Generation Science Standards
Golgi Body
Smooth Endoplasmic Reticulum
Cell Membrane
Animal Cell Diagram How is the shape and structure of the cell parts related to its function or purpose to the whole cell? Research each of the cell parts to answer this question. Use the interactive links (book icons) to research each cell part. On the Google Document (pencil icon), make a copy of the template first. On the document place a picture and define each part as you research them. You can also use the research tool for information. Remember to cite your sources.
iknowthat Looking through a microscope Illustration - Animal Cell
Cells Alive Animal Cell
Make a copy of this template to use for your research. Animal Cell Structure
Biology4kids! This tutorial introduces cell structure. Other sections include plants, animal systems, invertebrates, vertebrates, and microorganisms.
Presentation Create an accurate model of an animal cell as part of a presentation that describes how each part works in relation to the whole cell. The model can be in the form of a drawing or 3D model. National Standards For Arts Education Visual Art Grade 5-8 Visual Arts Standard 2: Using knowledge of structures and functions.

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