Battery charger. This is for the light. The batteries are small, thin and gray.
LED light. Uses the thin gray batteries.
Lenses and mounts. You should have a wide angle, macro and telephoto lens in your kit.
USB to iPad mini adapter. This connects your mini to other computers through the USB.
USB to iPhone 4
White USB to Edison adapter. Use this to charge the Mophie battery pack at the wall.
USB iPad mini charger. Use this to charge the mini at the wall.
Black USB cord. Charges Android phones from the Mophie batter pack.
Vivitar mic. Be sure to mount on the shoe closest to the lens.
Mophie battery pack. Connect to iPad mini to charge in the field with the while USB to iPad mini cord, not the black one.
Iographer iPad mini case and mount. Allows you to mount lights and mics on top, and connect to a tripos with the mount on the bottom. Keep your iPad in mount.