Social Studies Renaissance Art
This is Renaissance art because it has nuded people. They are nude people and there is also some clothed people.
This shows Renaissance Art, because it has a religious scence. This is showing a god or king in the middle being the center of attention and it looks like everyone is worshiping him.
This shows Renaissance Art because of the full back round. It looks like there is a few people in the city on the sides, but in the center it looks like people are in the air and are on clouds.
This is Renaissance Art because the bodies look active or in movement. They look like they are in movement because they are in different positions.
This is Renaissance Art because they bodies are 3-D. It is 3-D by popping out of the painting.
This is Renaissance Art because it's responding to art. This is responding to light by having the light shown on them and having them look more noticeable and have the painting look more bold.

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