Mast head creates brand identity due to the font used as ...
Mast head creates brand identity due to the font used as only this magazine used that font <br />
Subtitle is coherant with the mast head in terms of font and brand identity.<br />
Used to divide the masthead and subtitle <br />
Divided in to three columns but slighlty slanted to give the strucutre an edgey and hipster feel<br />
The images anchor the feature storys and are relevant to te text. They are also overlapped which makes the contnets less formal<br />
The colours are faded giving a vintage andauthentic feel to the contents page an example being grey is used instead of black<br />
Page reference makes it easier for the reader to access the articles of interest <br />
Clear use of white space stops the contents oage from becoming cluttered <br />
Simplistic font makes the text easy to read and helps to create an overall simplistic image<br />

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