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Image Source: http://www.dinosaurapocalypse.org/uploads/6/5/1/8/6518964/5559401.jpg?796
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Teachers: Next Gen Science Standards for Plate Tectonics www.nextgenscience.org
Ancient Earth ipad app for interactives www.ancient-earth.com Investigate Earth History, Plate Tectonics, and Sea Floor Spreading with Ancient Earth: Breakup of Pangea
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Geography4kids website on plate tectonics. www.geography4kids.com Geography4Kids.com! This tutorial introduces plate tectonics. Other sections include the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, climates, and ecosystems.
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Slide presentation suitable for elementary level. www.slideshare.net The Story of Pangaea & Plate Tectonics Leslie Prohaska Florida State University SCE 5943 Field Lab Internship Dr. Alejandro Gallard September 14, 2009
USGS Tectonic numerous animations geomaps.wr.usgs.gov Website for USGS Geology and Geophysics. Site contains information on research activities and products and staff.
Webquest: Tectonic Plates and Earthquakes questgarden.com Tectonic Plates and Earthquakes: Introduction
<h3>Thinglink Expert Educator</h3>Curated by Patricia Merlino<br />Follow my technology blog.<br /> merlinotechmentions.weebly.com
Use Gizmos to illustrate plate tectonics. Lesson plans provided. www.explorelearning.com Move the Earth's crust at various locations to observe the effects of the motion of the tectonic plates, including volcanic eruptions. Information about each of the major types of plate boundaries is shown, along with their locations on Earth.
iPad app for student exploration Cost $2.99 itunes.apple.com Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Puzzling Plates. Download Puzzling Plates and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
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