Happy Holidays Update
Jonathan's skateboard. A Dusters California board, he rides it downtown and at college despite the campus police's strict no-skating policy. He's so rebellious.
Jonathan's black high-top Converse. Clearly his casual shoes of choice, they've received quite the beating this year. Sporting a mix of brake cleaner, dirt, ash, and other unknown substances, they've got plenty of wear and tear.
Jonathan's electric guitar amp. A Fender Mustang I, it's big enough and loud enough to irritate anyone with loud guitar noise. He's continued this year to keep up with his musicianship, and his best friend (some may call him a "bro") Jose plans on building his own effect pedals, which only spurs Jonathan's drive to learn more.
Jonathan's electric guitar--a Mexican-built Fender Stratocaster. Jonathan focuses a lot more of his playing on clean guitar noise and acoustics, but playing electric guitar still continues to be a joy. As a whole, his musicianship has travelled with him to college, as he plays in the dorms in study rooms and sings along when he believe no one is listening.
Jonathan's iPhone 4S. He could probably use an update, but we don't judge him. Of course, it hosts a C-3PO case from Star Wars. We continue to not judge him.
The entire Star Wars Trilogy on DVD. Star Wars has grown to be a love of Jonathan's over the past couple years--a nerdy, nerdy love. He openly admits to this nerdy addiction and plans on watching The Force Awakens on opening night.
Star Wars fruit snacks. Jonathan loves Star Wars in all forms, and definitely did NOT spend his afternoons over break pretending to fly Tie-Fighter fruit snacks into his mouth.
CANDY. Despite his thin build (particularly scrawny), Jonathan has a solid addiction to sugar of all forms. This is fostered by the campus cafe hosting a number of sugary snacks ranging from cake to literal sugar.
Are those...RUNNING SHOES? Yes. Over the last few months, Jonathan has begun going to the gym. Though he is small in stature, his muscles are there. In disguise. As bones.
Jonathan's copy of Adventure Time Season 4 on DVD. For about a year and a half, the show Adventure Time has been one of his favorites, which just goes to show how incredibly mature he is.
A camera lens! An 85mm Canon SLR lens, to be exact. One of Jonathan's big purchases this year was a personal camera for himself--he ended up with a Canon Rebel T5i, and this lens for it. His photography has turned into photojournalism as he works with the Allstate, the student newspaper at APSU, as a staff photographer.
What an odd mug? Why would anyone paint a weird face like that? Well, one of Jonathan's many occasions is going to paint pottery with his mom at a local business in Clarksville. He paints mugs and dishes for himself to use on campus, usually anthropomorphizing his work (who knows why) and using it to down tremendous amounts of hot chocolate and coffee before exams.
A remote to Jonathan's Nintendo 64. Jonathan has pursued many different semi-vintage game systems lately, including an emulation station that plays NES and SNES games, and a N64. His reigning favorite is still the N64, and he plays it plenty--possibly too much.
Jonathan's favorite N64 game--Super Smash Bros.
Jonathan's second favorite N64 game, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He has beaten it more often than he probably should have.
Jonathan's wingtip-style shoes. He loves the hint of vintage to them and the fact that he can wear them with jeans. Lately he has dove into dressing sharp--button-up shirts and ties. Dressing fancy makes him feel much classier than he actually is.
A pair of striped socks. Presumably, Jonathan will wear them with flair.
A pair of socks with dinosaurs on them. Jonathan loves dinosaurs (I mean, who wouldn't they're gigantic, and some look like dragons) and he also loves socks, so it stands to reason that he owns these.
Jonathan's other large purchase of the year: an Apple Macbook Pro to use in college. He's used it to do countless homework assignments, to create numerous projects, not to mention numerous hours of internet browsing for entertaining gifs.
A sampling of Jonathan's schoolwork. He has been careful in his studies and maintained his 4.0 GPA and still is intent on studying physics. For his second semester, he will be taking two math courses, one of which is called Tensor Calculus--look it up if you feel like having your brain guts blown. He also has the opportunity to begin research in affiliation with his school beginning as early as next semester. He plans on majoring in physics for his undergraduate degree, and then to pursue a master's degree in a specialized engineering field. What a nerd.
Jonathan's hair pomade and mustache wax. Yes, mustache wax. Over the past month or so Jonathan has grown his patchy facial hair into a small handlebar mustache and a beard that he (generally) keeps well-trimmed. Additionally, his hair is approximately eight feet tall, thanks to his Suavecito pomade. It's all a part of that 'vintage look' that he tries so hard to achieve.
Jonathan's hair comb. You can find this on him at all times, (left rear pocket) always ready to fix his hair should it fall flat or short.
One of many aprons, and a name tag for Jonathan along with a server's swipe card. Jonathan works at Red Lobster as a server, and he genuinely enjoys his job. It allows him to be socially awkward in public, while earning money for it. He does a fairly good job and saves money well.
One of Jonathan's habits lately has been buying band shirts. This one is for a band called Naive Thieves, which hails from California and is still beginning their career. As an additional note, however, Arctic Monkeys will forever be Jonathan's favorite band. naivethieves.com 10 track album
A band shirt of Jonathan's. (One of too many) This one is for a band named Spoon, who released their new album towards the end of this year. Jonathan highly recommends them.
Jonathan! That's right, you've found him!
More CANDY. Jonathan claims he has accepted the fact that he will most likely contract diabetes, but states he will have one delicious time getting there.

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