Use life-friendly chemistry: use chemistry that supports life processes--with sunlight, water and gravity. Man's idea of chemistry often involves nasty chemicals, bunsen burners, and lab coats, but have you ever considered how nature does chemistry? The colors, smells,…
Be resource-efficient: skillfully and conservatively take advantage of resources and opportunities Sloth symbiosis can bioinspire energy efficiency and human industrial ecosystem design. Biomimicry is another great idea, like a baby sloth in a bucket!
Adapt to changing conditions: respond appropriately to dynamic contexts Featuring Biomimicry 3.8's coolest Biologist at the Design Table (BaDT), Sherry Ritter and the adaptive antics of the starfish. AskNature Nuggets | Episode 4
Integrate development and growth: invest optimally in strategies that promote both development and growth The Biomimicry Education Network.
Evolve to survive: continually incorporate and embody information to assure performance. Watch thousands of titles. Anywhere, anytime. Stream award winning comedies, documentaries, drama, animation, shorts, classic TV and more.
Be locally attuned and responsive: fit into and integrate with the surrounding environment Inside Housing, news, analysis, and comment about the social housing sector in the UK.
Assignment: After reading and watching the 6 links related to Life's Principles, find out how monarch butterflies follow these operating conditions: 1. Earth is in a state of dynamic non-equilibrium 2. Earth runs on sunlight, water and gravity 3. Earth is subject to limits and boundaries 4. Nature uses cyclic process

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