Wings of Fire THE LOST HEIR December report by Ryan Gertner
In the story, Tsunami is the main protagonist. She is a royal dragonet who can be a little bossy, but mostly, she cares about other dragons. For example, when she finds out that Riptide (someone with whom she is very close) is the son of a kidnapper, she still is loyal to him and protects him. She still forgives him when she finds out that he was working with his father, Webs and the Talons of Peace. The Talons of Peace is the organization that stole all of the dragonets of the prophecy. The dragonets of the prophecy are Tsunami, Clay, Sunny, Glory, and Starflight. Another way Tsunami shows caring is when Riptide's father Webs comes to the Seawing palace. Tsunami and the other dragonets are still mad at him, but she still helps him when he is getting beat up by other dragons. Then, Tsunami and Clay catch him when he falls from the sky and they take him with them when they escape the palace while the Skywings attack. I chose to share this picture because it shows all of the five dragonets of destiny and what environment in which they live.
In the story, the setting is almost always in The Summer Palace, or the Seawing Kingdom. The Summer Palace is located in a series of islands in the northeastern part of Pyrrhia. This is a huge dragon-shaped continent that is ruled by dragons of different tribes. The setting is important to the plot because the Summer Palace was hidden, and because it was hidden, it was never attacked, until the Skywings found it and attacked it at the end of the story. If the setting changed from the Summer Palace to another location, Tsunami would still travel across the continent to find and meet her family, but the attack by the Skywings would have happened sooner. I chose to share this map because it shows all of the different areas of Pyrrhia, and what types of dragon tribes live there.
The theme or lesson in the story is to forgive people you love for their bad actions. The main character or protagonist in the story is Tsunami, the seawing. One example of forgiveness is when Webs, the dragon who stole Tsunami shows up at the palace and Tsunami forgives him and stops her mother from killing him. Another example of forgiveness is when Tsunami learns that Riptide, her friend was part of the Talons of Peace, the organization that stole the dragonets of destiny. She forgave him and still cared for him, protecting him from the Skywings. In the story, Tsunami and her fellow dragonets, Clay, Starflight, Sunny, and Glory are traveling across Pyrrhia to go to The Summer Palace (the Seawing Kingdom) to find Tsunami's family. They reach the palace without anyone standing in their way. This story is mainly about Tsunami traveling to the deeply hidden Summer Palace. While they are at the extraordinary palace, Tsunami's friends get taken away to the prison inside of it because they were untrustworthy as there was a war going on. The story ends when the palace gets attacked by surprise by the Skywings who are thirsting for revenge. They want revenge because their Queen, Queen Scarlet was killed by the dragonets of destiny. I chose to share this video because it shares the plot of the story. In the exciting new series from Tui T. Sutherland, five young dragons choose between fighting someone else's war or saving the world their own way. Visit www...

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