Determination shown in Antigone
Antigone I urge no more; nay, wert thou willing still,I would not welcome such a fellowship.Go thine own way; myself will bury him.How sweet to die in such employ, to rest,--Sister and brother linked in love's embrace--A sinless sinner, banned awhile on earth,But by the dead commended; and with themI shall abide for ever. As for thee,Scorn, if thou wilt, the eternal laws of Heaven. (69-76 This shows determination because she is determined to bury her brother. She wants a proper burial.
If in defiance of the law we crossA monarch's will?--weak women, think of that,Not framed by nature to contend with men.Remember this too that the stronger rules;We must obey his orders, these or worse.Therefore I plead compulsion and entreatThe dead to pardon. I perforce obeyThe powers that be. 'Tis foolishness, I ween,To overstep in aught the golden mean. Ismene shows determination in this quote because she is determined to survive.
Why dally then? To me no word of thineIs pleasant: God forbid it e'er should please;Nor am I more acceptable to thee.And yet how otherwise had I achievedA name so glorious as by buryingA brother? so my townsmen all would say,Where they not gagged by terror, ManifoldA king's prerogatives, and not the least .That all his acts and all his words are laws. Antigone showed determination when she was willing to sacrifice for the principle.
Hit Me with your best shot shows determination because youhave to be determined to give it your all and try to suceed to the best of your ability.

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