The Black Death
The Black Plague in Asia<br /> Although the Black Death or bubonic plague is associated with medieval Europe, it actually began in Asia, devastating its population before spreading west.
Black Death spreads to Italy<br /> Decameron Web | Plague
Black Death in Italy<br /> The Black Death claimed the lives of nearly 100 million people as it moved through Asia and Europe during the 14th century.
Black Plague in France<br /> Jacquerie,French population,bubonic plague,Agricultural labor,Serfs,peasantry,fleas,nobles,French people,revolts,Marseille,plague,Famine,Jacques,peasants,souls,Lumber,evil spirits,sins,central Europe,prosperity,Jews,bacteria,social consequences,forests,loans,farmers,landlords,luxuries,population
Firsthand Account: Florence<br /> Decameron Web | Plague
Video: Black Death (Hollaback Girl)<br /> It's hard to find a song to parody for such a gruesome subject. Our apologies to Gwen's fans, but it's for the cause of education!

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