Absolutely loving the record my music teacher lent to me. She says that Alice Faye is one of the most underrated singers/actresses of the 1940's. I'd absolutely kill to have a voice like hers. I totally grew up in the wrong era. Ugh! www.youtube.com Alice Faye (May 5, 1915 -- May 9, 1998) was an American actress and singer, called by the New York Times "one of the few movie stars to walk away from stardo...
Tweet, tweet, tweet! twitter.com Los Tweets más recientes de Ana Peretz (@APeretzNYC). Hey, I'm Ana. I'm 15, born and raised in Brooklyn. I love fashion, photography and old movies. Brooklyn, NY
Thought I wanted to be an actress for like five seconds and made my mom pay for me to get headshots. Acting was sort of a dead end, but this is like the only picture of myself that I actually like. My mom says this picture reminds her of my Aunt Rachel from when they were my age....I've seen pictures from when they were my age. I really do not AT ALL see the resemblance! 4.bp.blogspot.com
Went to see Hey Monday with my cousin Talia and it was AMAZING. I made her pay the extra $30 with me to get VIP tickets so I could get this signed poster. SO WORTH IT...or at least I think so! :) cdn.buzznet.com
Blog-ity Blog! sites.google.com Ana Banana
School Blog. Projects, homework, etc. Pretty much where I do all of that fun stuff....or, actually, where I waste time trying to AVOID all of it. Not even sure why I have this old computer in my room. It is SO ANCIENT and anything I need to do, I do on my phone. My aunt got a new computer and brought this one over to give to my mom. She clearly knows SO MUCH about her sister, who literally has trouble checking her work email. -__- SO, my mom was like, "Ana, you'd probably have more use for this thing, right? Let's go to IKEA and get a small desk to put it on." IKEA is like an hour away and our car is like super small. Any trip we've ever taken to IKEA has ended in a week of unexplained bruises from the over-packed ride home. But, she bribed me and said we could stay for lunch and get my favorite swedish meatballs and lingenberry sauce. SO WORTH THE BRUISES. Omg. anaperetz.blogspot.com Ana Peretz
Trying to be nice to my new roommate. He's little and pretty sure he's not poisonous...As long as he stays on his side of the room, I think this could work out. Besides, he's like the only "boy" allowed in my room, so...we have that going for us. 1.bp.blogspot.com
"Sit down, Shut up!" My version of meditating...Enough said... ;) img0.etsystatic.com
Taped this under my bed because I thought it would make my mom laugh when she inevitably sneaks into my room to "clean" aka snoop around. Kinda my little note to let her know that I know she comes in here when I'm not around and that I'm watching her like a ninja with little spy dust bunnies everywhere....she probably won't get it, or even read it for that matter. Guaranteed I find this piece of paper crumpled up in my waste basket when I get home from school one day. pantysmurf.files.wordpress.com
I never know what to say when family members give me weird gifts...Like, "Umm...thanks?" :/ Aunt Rachel gave me this "vintage" journal for my birthday. I don't know if I'd call it "vintage." It's really not THAT old at all. It seriously looks like she forgot about my birthday, freaked out that she didn't have anything to give me, looked up at her bookcase shelf full of "lightly used" journals (yes, she has an entire shelf full of notebooks with just a couple pages written in them), and said, "Shoot. What can I give to Ana? Oh! Here we go! This hideous journal that I only used one page of. She probably won't notice. And it'll 'inspire' her to write more! I'm a genius. Hypothetical bullet dodged! Whew!" ....I would have seriously preferred if she just showed up with nothing and promised to take me shopping some day soon, or something. Which, I know wouldn't have happened anyway, but the promise of it MAYBE happening would be better than this dust collector. -__- www.youtube.com
Acoustics are more of a pain than you think they are! Ugh...why do I suck so much?? I decided to edit the video and replace the sound because it was just THAT BAD. So...enjoy my soundless strumming and the funky editing music! I think I'll leave my guitar in the case and pretend the suckiness is because of my gel manicure getting in the way! -__- www.youtube.com
Absolutely LOVE these beautiful shoes! I have them in black and pink, but I REALLY want the powder blue ones. So perfect. picture-cdn.wheretoget.it
Ehh....these guys can say whatever they want about Beats, but I love mine. Could be because I use them to drown out the noise of my parents complaining all the time, but whatever, they work! :) www.youtube.com To be honest, I have never been a fan of Beats by Dre. I'm sure you know that by now. That said, we wanted to know what "normal" people think concerning thes...
Ticket stub from the Hey Monday concert my cousin Talia and I went to! twitter.com Los Tweets más recientes de Hey Monday (@HeyMonday). Please see @heymondayonline. Los Angeles, CA
Stack of books my Aunt Rachel let me borrow last summer...have yet to return or read any of them. She actually put little post-its inside each of them and numbered them 1-5 in order of which ones to read first-last. First up was Macbeth, but I just wasn't feeling tyrannical and murderous enough to waste my summer reading it. So, in the words of Yoda: Dust it collects. ;) shakespeare.mit.edu Macbeth: Entire Play
My boyfriend, Shawn, leaves all of his stuff at my house all the time (ie. his skateboard, basketball, sneakers, etc.). My mom is always on me about that. If he wasn't Jewish, she'd probably ban him from the house, but she happens to like that his real name is actualy שָׁמַר. I am so bad at Hebrew I actually had to Google his Hebrew name. My mom and Aunt went all gaga over it...God, I hate when my choices make them happy! upload.wikimedia.org
My mom made me read this article about some girl who kept her phone under her pillow overnight and died because the phone battery got too hot and blew up her phone, right under her head. I told her that it didn&apos;t apply to me because I didn&apos;t sleep with my phone UNDER my pillow, that I keep it next to my pillow where it can get proper ventilation and will most likely never blow up. But, now every night before I fall asleep I toss it on my floor....just in case. I text my cousin Talia a lot now that she&apos;s away at school. It kinda helps with the whole &quot;missing her&quot; thing. Never thought I&apos;d say THAT! Shh! Don&apos;t tell her! But it&apos;s not like we even talk about anything interesting, mostly just stupid family drama. If you&apos;re bored enough to want to read our conversations, there&apos;s a clearer version on my Google Site under the &quot;Rants&quot; section. But don&apos;t say I didn&apos;t warn you. If you&apos;re bored to tears, don&apos;t come crying to me!<br /> f686f9f3-a-7d8a0c9c-s-sites.googlegroups.com
Welcome to my room! Unlike the rest of this house, there are no rules here, so feel free to roam about at your leisure! Just...try not to make a mess, okay? Because I&apos;m TECHNICALLY not allowed to have people in my room and my mom will throw a hissy fit if she finds out you were here. Then I&apos;ll have to spend days convincing her that she&apos;s crazy (like I sometimes do when Shawn sneaks in my window) and I&apos;ll have to clean everything up and THEN I&apos;ll come after you for making my life so difficult when all I wanted to do was give you a little insight into who I am. So don&apos;t disappoint. Be careful and just don&apos;t break anything! Anyway...have fun! Love, Ana.
Evidence! This is exactly how I know that my mom comes into my room when I&apos;m not here! Here, in this waste basket is my research paper that I totally BSed and got an A on anyway...garbage, the airport luggage tag from our family vacation last year to Florida that I only just took off last week because I needed my duffle bag to sleep over my cousin&apos;s house and I decided it was time to chuck it, AND last, but certainly not least, some weird election junk mail that is addressed to my parents that I KNOW I did not bring into my room or throw into my waste basket...CLEARLY my mother brought it in with her and mindlessly threw it away here instead of in the kitchen. Which pretty much means that I&apos;d make a fantastic detective and she&apos;d be toast! c1.staticflickr.com

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