Fablehaven- Carson Sims
Book Project by: Carson Sims Book: Fablehaven by Brandon Mull brandonmull.com
Exposition- While their parents are on a thirteen-day cruise, Kendra and Seth Sorenson are forced to stay with Grandpa Sorenson on his property. Neither of them wanted to go because Grandpa Sorenson had never invited anyone to stay with him. He gave his grandchildren one rule. That was to never go into the forest. To occupy their time, they were given keys, for which unlocked items in the house. billwoolsey.org
Rising Action- With the keys, Kendra and Seth went on a little scavenger hunt around the house unlocking items until they unlocked a journal, which told them to drink the milk that Dale, a property helper, daily set on the edge of the forest for the bugs to drink. Kendra decided that was what the journal was talking about, and drank it. Grandpa Sorenson told his grandchildren they had discovered the secret of his home. It was a place called Fablehaven, a safe place for mystical creatures. As Kendra discovered the milk, Seth ventured into the woods. While he was there, he found an old shack with a witch, Muriel, living in it. The witch was tied up with ropes, for which she explained could be undone by granting wishes to help other people. If all the knots on the rope were ever united, she would be forever set free. Seth became scared and ran out of the woods to find Kendra. As he found her, she told him about the milk, and he drank it. www.orderofbooks.com
Rising Action- One of Grandpa’s friends, who is a fairy catcher, visited their house. He inspired Seth to catch a fairy. Unfortunately, Seth didn’t know the stipulations that came with catching fairies. He accidentally turned the fairy into an imp, which is an angry spider looking insect. The other fairies attacked Seth because they couldn't turn their friend back into a fairy and turned him into a walrus for his offensive behavior. Kendra, Dale, Grandpa Sorenson, and Seth visited Muriel and Seth turned back into a human in human form. On Midsummer Eve, a festival night for all of the creatures, all boundaries can be broken except the boundary that prevents creatures from entering the house unless a door or window is opened. Grandpa Sorenson sternly warned and instructed Kendra and Seth not to do anything except lay in their bed. Seth disobeyed, and the creatures came inside as Seth opened a window. The animals turned Dale into a statue, and they took Grandpa and Lena, a housekeeper and former creature, to an unknown place. www.clker.com
Rising Action- One night, after Kendra and Seth retuned to the house from looking for Grandpa Sorenson, Lena, and Dale, they found a message from Goldilocks, a chicken. It read I M GRAM. As curiosity kicked in, the children decided they should visit Muriel, so they did. Even though they freed Muriel by unraveling her final knot, she turned Goldilocks back into Grandma, and the children used Grandma’s knowledge to help them try to find Grandpa. Once the kids met Grandma Sorenson on property, Grandma shared her advice with her grandchildren. She recommended that they go visit Nero, a troll who could determine the location of Grandpa and Lena, for they had already found Dale. The children agreed, and they set off to find Nero. After some negotiations, Nero determined that their missing grandfather and friend were being held, captured, at the Forgotten Chapel. static.squarespace.com
Rising Action- When Kendra, Grandma Sorenson, and Seth visited the Forgotten Chapel to see if they could rescue Grandpa Sorenson and Lena, Muriel and Bahumat, who were powerful creatures, were already there. As Grandma, Seth, and Kendra began to fight them, Seth and Grandma Sorenson were captured because they had use magic before. Kendra was not captured because she had never used magic. As Kendra began to feel helpless, she remembered Grandpa Sorenson and Lena taking about a Fairy Queen. All she knew was that the Fairy Queen had once turned a man into dandelion fluff. She gained enough courage to go ask for help. She struggled getting to the Fairy Queen, for the creatures living in the water were trying to prevent her from reaching the Fairy Queen, but she knew she couldn't give up. When Kendra reached the Fairy Queen, the queen commanded her army of fairies to help rescue Kendra’s family and Fablehaven from Muriel and Bahumat. th09.deviantart.net
Climax- When Kendra returned to the Forgotten Chapel with the army of fairies, the fairies had already begun fighting. When a fairy kissed an imp, who was a part of Muriel’s army, it turned into a fairy. Soon, the only creature that filled the room were fairies. Bahumat flew in, and the army of fairies tied him to the wall. Kendra rescued her family and saved Fablehaven. img1.wikia.nocookie.net
Resolution- On the day of Kendra and Seth’s departure, Grandpa walked Kendra around the property to say goodbye to everyone and everything. They visited the pond to try to tell Lena good-bye. Kendra found her, for her physical characteristics looked similar. Kendra leaned over to try to talk to her, and Lena tried to pull her in like an ordinary creature would do. When Seth and Kendra’s’ parents arrived to pick them up, both of them were sad, for they had an amazing and eventful experience. Kendra and Seth wanted to go back soon and try to discover other secrets, but also so they could talk about Fablehaven with someone besides each other. They couldn’t mention it to their parents because they didn't know the secrets of Fablehaven, and would think their children had lost their minds. thumbs.gograph.com
10- The image of the fairy relates to Fablehaven because the fairies were the people who helped Kendra save her family. If it wouldn't have been for the fairies, Kendra might have died. digital-art-gallery.com
11- I thought Fablehaven was an amazing book. There was a lot of action in the book, which kept me, as the reader, "on my toes." I would sit and read for a couple of hours without putting the book down, because I felt like I couldn't wait to see what would happen next. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. www.clipartbest.com
Falling Action- After the fight concluded and Kendra reconnected with her newly found family members, two fairies grabbed Lena atop her shoulders. They flew her back to the pond. Lena was turned back into a creature both emotionally and mentally. cache.desktopnexus.com