Challenge Five - Build Your Robot (v2)
Use two green jumpers to connect J3 to A21 and A1 to A23.
Connect the red jumpers from each of the motors to the red power rail. Connect the blue jumper from one motor to A2 and the blur jumper from the other motor to J2
Put the transistors into the breadboard using slots B1, B2 & B3 and slots I1, I2 and I3, with the metal sides facing each other.
Use black jumpers to connect A3 and J1 to the first black power rail.
Move the L.E.D.s from where they were in Challenge Four, so the long legs are in A20 and A22, and the short legs are in the black power rail. We're going to use A21 and A23 to turn our robot's motors on.
Everything in this challenge is based on the last one, so make sure your breadboard is still set up according to Challenge Four's instructions.

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