World War II
Treaty of Versailles This Treaty was a way to control Germany. It was said that Germany should take blame for the outbreak of World War I, had to pay for the damage made, reduced army and land was taken away from them.
League of Nations This was the creation of an international government. It was created for no more wars to outbreak. However, nobody would ever agree with what the other one would say. Therefore creating just more problems.
The Great Depression The crash of the market in 1929, where a lot of people lost their jobs, and people committed suicide. Also, government would fall apart, and then Germany accepted the help of Hitler.
Hitler When Hitler became the Führer of Germany, he stared to ignore the Treaty of Versailles. He did not pay for any damage and started to create armies. Hitler controlled peoples minds and therefore he created propaganda to create fear.
Propaganda Sometimes, propaganda was not used to encourage people to join the army, but more to give fear people of the enemy, which is what Hitler did. Propaganda was not the only thing used, also cartoons were made to represent what was happening and how their lives were in the army.
Spanish Civil War With this civil war outbreak, nations allied to either republicans or nationalist. The civil war also created tension between breaking out the WW2. This civil war was actually a war between the Fascist and the Communist. This battle brought out each problem that both sides were facing.
Munich Pact France and Britain went to Munich in order to to sing a pact with Hitler, to ensure no war would happen. The pact stated that Hitler would only take the Sudentenland and if Czechoslovakia would fall apart, therefore he would govern it.
Appeasement The appeasement was to agree to whatever demand seemed reasonable to not cause the war. With this, Hitler used these demands to get his things done. Also, everybody wanted to keep pleasing Hitler so nothing would happen, since everybody was afraid of the war.
Nazi-Soviet Pact On 1939, Hitler and Stalin signed the Nazi-Soviet pact. Even though Hitler hated Communism, he needed the Russian on his side in order to get Poland. Hitler agreed with Stalin that if he invaded Poland, he would eliminate all of the undesirables. Also Stalin claimed for the eastern part, and Hitler agreed. Therefore the invasion of Poland happen.
Invasion of Poland The world was shocked on the fact that Germany had started the World War II by invading Poland. September 1, 1939 was the date of the war. Both, France and Britain declared war on Germany, but they waited to see what Hitler would do next.

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