WHAT? en.wikipedia.org Work and Travel USA - Wikipedia
WHO? usitcolours.bg The Work and Travel program is the easiest and secure way to live, work, travel and have fun in the US during your summer break. Learn more now!
www.cooltravel.bg Cool Travel Bulgaria - Агенция за студентски и младежки програми. Work and Travel USA; Intern/Career Training USA
WHERE? www.gointernational.ca Work & Travel Abroad with one of Go International programs. We’re leading the way in Work & Travel Abroad programs. Contact Us Today.
WHY? www.youtube.com A short movie from our travels across the US during Work And Travel Program 2013. Thank you guys for a wonderful summer! :)
REAL PEOPLE watexpecttheunexpected.wordpress.com Work and Travel is a program which is of great interest for many university students as it is a great way to make some money and experience new culture, explore new places, meet new people, broaden…
REAL STORIES watexpecttheunexpected.wordpress.com From Alaska on the west coast, we are going down to the so-called “lower 48” (the way Alaskans refer to the rest of the states) to the east coast, with Ventzislav Shabansky, whose unpredictable exp…
IN REAL TIMES watexpecttheunexpected.wordpress.com From the east coast of the US, we are going on a loooong journey. A journey to an unknown land. And no, I am not talking about Narnia or The Pride Lands of Africa where Simba is the king or Jurassi…
TALKING REAL watexpecttheunexpected.wordpress.com Not many people are usually willing to share some of their deepest emotions, to put their soul out there, where it is vulnerable and everybody can get an insight of it, especially not the way Boyan…
LEARN MORE twitter.com Los Tweets más recientes de Viktoria Georgieva (@ViktoriaGeo). Volunteer, AIESEC member, school, Journalism and Mass Communication major at AUBG, PR and advertising, interested in other people's stories. Bulgaria
GET MORE www.facebook.com WATTimes. 35 likes. This page is dedicated to sharing student's Work and Travel experience and is a part of my MMJ class.
READ MORE watexpecttheunexpected.wordpress.com WAT was your most memorable time while on Work and Travel?

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