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You don't have to decide on a specific theme for your blog, or even a singular type of post that you will create; however, it is great, when you first start out, to decide on a few goals that you have for your blog. Do you want to highlight things you're doing that specifically help to meet your PDP goals? Do you want the primary purpose of your blog to be reflection for yourself. Are you trying to disseminate information? Are you blogging to put your own opinions out there for the world to read? Do you want to showcase the awesome things your students are doing? Whatever your goals are for blogging, remember, you aren't writing for an audience, YOU'RE WRITING FOR YOU!! And to ensure that you do post regularly, set aside time to blog or schedule it into your calendar. www.editingandproofing.com
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Remember that there is a difference between sharing wonderful things you're doing and bragging! Don't be ashamed to give yourself and your students some of the limelight. Besides, if you don't toot your own horn, you might find that no one else will.