Step 1: Click on Appearance
Step 2: Click on Background
Step 3: Click on Choose File (Find the image that you have saved to your computer, and click open.)
Step 4: Click Upload Picture
Step 5: Pick the position you want.<br />
Step 6: Choose whether or not you want your picture to tile across the screen.
Step 7: If you want the background to remain static (not move), then select fixed. (I most always choose this option.)
Step 8: If your background does not cover the whole screen, you may want to pick a background color.
Step 9: DON&apos;T FORGET to SAVE your changes. Then, check out your blog, and see if you like your new look.
What your background image will look like if you choose &quot;SCROLL.&quot; (The background image moves along with the post.) My Interactive Video
What your background image will look like if you choose &quot;FIXED.&quot; (You&apos;ll notice that the background image remains static. This is the option I normally choose.) My Interactive Video Image Size Matters The size of the background picture you choose will determine how it looks on your blog.
The size of your image will determine how you background image looks and the display options you might want to choose. Click on the red star icon to see some examples.
This is for those who use Edublogs. I have not used any other blogging platform. Start in your Dashboard, then go through the steps.
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