A Plant Cell is Like a House
The Cell Membrane functions to control substances going in and out of the cell just like Doors allow people to go in and out of the house. www.sasinteriors.net
The Nucleus functions to control the activities of the cell as my parents function to control the activities in my house.<br /> geometric.mostpopularimages.org
The Ribosomes function to produce protein like family functions to produce good behavior in my house.<br /> www.freeprintablebehaviorcharts.com
The Endoplasmic Reticulum functions to transport protein like my car in the garage functions to transport people.<br /> image.shutterstock.com
The Golgi Bodies function to Receive protein like my home functions to receive people. <br /> 4h1g.files.wordpress.com
The Chloroplasts function to produce food like my kitchen functions to produce food to eat.<br /> www.svdpgurnee.org
The cell wall functions to protect the cell as the walls in my house functions to protect my house. www.sasinteriors.net
The Vacuole functions to store food, water and waste just like the trash can functions to store food and waste.<br /> sweetclipart.com
The Mitochondria functions to power the cell just like the lights function to power my house. <br /> www.wpclipart.com
The lysosomes functions to get rid of waste just like a my mom functions to get rid of trash.<br /> momtimes4.files.wordpress.com
This article is about the plant cell wall and the types of cell walls.<br /> www.plantphysiol.org Cell walls are important features of plant cells that perform a number of essential functions, including providing shape to the many different cell types needed
The article is talking about the Plant Cell Structure.<br /> www.icr.org Whether considering squishable apple tissue or resilient tree trunks, researchers say that plants "build" their parts using only four ingredients. Precise measurements of plant tissue strengths show that they vary across three orders of magnitude. How do plants so effectively use the same four building blocks to manufacture materials with such widely varying strengths? MIT engineering professor Lorna Gibson found five features that plants "control and coordinate" when building tissues of
This video talks about the lysosome and what the lysosome does in a cell.<br /> www.youtube.com Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

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