Dia de los Muertos Project by Sabrina Sobral
Calaverita de Azúcar ~ Sugar Skulls Sugar skulls are significant to the Dia de Los Muertos altar or ofrenda. The smaller skulls represent the children who have passed. Later, they are usually replaced by larger ones which represent the adults. www.hcpl.net
Candles are used on the day of the dead to guide the deceased spirit to the family altar. Some people may have liked candles so, the family of the deceased would put candles on the alter to please the spirit. In Spanish, they are known as velas.<br /><br /><br />
These are yellow marigolds, traditionally used to mark a pathway to an altar or to a grave. Sometimes, a family will leave a trail of the petals to lead a spirit to its grave. In Spanish, they are called zempasúchitl.
The Pan de Muertos is a traditional Mexican sweet bread that is eaten during the Day of the Dead. It is also known as &quot;Bread of the Dead&quot; or &quot;Dead Man&apos;s Bread&quot;.<br /><br />
People will put things that the deceased favored before they died. On this altar, you can see dolls and pictures of places where the person probably visited. Sometimes, there will be a pillow for the spirit to rest on.
Altars, like this one, are usually indoors and are the first place the deceased spirit will visit on the Day of the Dead. They are covered with treats, drinks and valuables for the spirit. In Spanish, people call them ofrendas. <br />
This is an incense burner, which people use to get rid of &quot;negative forces&quot;. The incense supposedly makes the spirit comfortable around their altar.
Papel Picado are colorful cut paper that is always strung from the altars. People also, can hang these from streets signs during Dia de los Muertos.
The water and the oranges are for the soul of the deceased to replenish themselves after their journey. The soul can not actually eat and drink it, but they do absorb it for energy.
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