Haleakala National Park sign www.shannontech.com
walk through the forest farm5.staticflickr.com
walk through the forest farm5.staticflickr.com
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volcano's www.travelaroundusa.com
news article: Help protect our state Bird the Hawaiian Goose. They are nesting in Haleakala National Park.They are nesting on the ground and are protecting their nests aggrestively.
FUN FACT: The state bird the Hawaiian Goose nests on at Halaekala National park and if you get to close to the nest the goose can get very aggresive.
Great website to learn from! www.nps.gov
The sunrise from the Halaekala Crater is one beautiful veiw! FUN FACT
The Amazing Sunrise www.youtube.com I recorded this whole event in about an hour. Then edited and compressed (in time) into 2 minutes. The result is a very dynamic cloud/sun movement. Just bear...