Egyptians thought that it was important to keep track of beliefs, history, and ideas. So they came up with hieroglyphics.
They used writing for different thing in different places. Scribe school, the army, the fields, temples, tombs and the government.
In order to be a scribe you had to be a expert at writing hieroglyphics and there was about 700 different signs.
There was 4 types of script in Egypt. The scripts were called hieroglyphics, hieratic, Demotic and Coptic.
There was three important tools for writing. A rectangular palette with two circles, a water pot and a pen with a pen holder.
Painters used stones to carve into the walls and palettes then crushed pastel rocks over water and mixed it for paint.
Some words or sentences didn't make sense when translated to English because they didn't have vowels in their writing.
Some times they combined drawings together just to make new words that could look like two letters.
My resources were &amp;<br />Ancient Egypt by David Silverman

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