Hobbit Map
Hobbiton is the place where Bilbo Baggins lives. His home is called Bag End. It is a beautiful little verdant and simple village. This place is where the novel begins.
Rivendell is the home of The Last Homely House where elf king Elrond lives. The house was perfect, whether you liked food, or sleep, or work, or story-telling, or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all.
This place is where Bilbo meets up with up with the dwarves after he intainly refused to go on the adventure.
Thorin and Company stay in a cafe in the Misty Mountains. While they are sleeping, the back of the cave opens up and Goblins come through the opening. The Goblins capture everyone in the company expect for Gandalf. After the group escapes from the Golbins, Bilbo is separated from the dwarves. Bilbo pockets a golden ring even though he knows nothing about it. He meets a strange creature named Gollum. If Bilbo wants to find the way out, he must win a riddle game. or he shall be eaten by Gollum. After winning the game sort of fairly, Gollum notices that his present(the ring) is missing. In an effort to escape Gollum's grasps, Bilbo wears the ring becoming invisible. Finally, Bilbo has escaped from Gollum and the goblins with the ring of power.
www.youtube.com I own no rights to this video, all right go to Peter Jackson ★★★Bombur's Epic Barrel Scene in Blueray here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeDeN91kwZY&list=...
The King of Eagles saved Thorin and the company from the goblins and wargs because the goblins started to set the trees they were in on fire since Gandlaf is a friend of the King of Eagles.
This is were the eagles drop the company, because if they went further then the men would shoot them down and they also hate dwarves.
Gandalf convinced the company them to stay at the skinchanger's, Beorn's, house even if he can be a friend or a foe. After being chased by the bear Beorn, they meet with his man self and retrieve supplies from him.
This where Gandalf left the group and he warned them to not leave the path.
Bombur falls into the river and falls asleep for several days. He dreams of food.
The company is kidnapped by spiders leaving Bilbo to save the company. Bilbo names his sword Sting and the company discovers that Bilbo has a magic ring.
The company escapes from Wood Elves using barrels and floated down the river to Laketown.
The company befriend a man of Laketown and receives supplies from him.
After miserable hours of searching for the door, Bilbo finds the door just before the sunsets.
At the Battle of the Five Armies, Thorin,Fili, and Kili die and Thorin's bother Dain takes up the throne. Thorin leaves Bilbo with the largest share of treasure, but Bilbo only accepts two chests of silver and gold.
Gandalf and Bilbo take this route since the goblins are gone and they would rather not go through the forest again.

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