An interactive guide to MSF's Ebola protective equipment
<b>Ebola is most often transmitted through a person&apos;s mucus membranes, such as the mouth and eyes. Goggles are essential to stop health workers rubbing their eyes after touching infected patients or contaminated surfaces, and to protect against infected bodily fluids.</b><b></b><h3><b>Cost</b>: £5.16</h3>
Although Ebola is not an airborne disease it is important for healthcare workers to cover their mouths as infected bodily fluids can enter here. This makes breathing and talking difficult but is essential for effective protection. <b></b><h3><b>Cost</b>: 67p</h3>
<b>Ebola is transmitted through contact with bodily fluids. MSF health workers protect themselves with two sets of gloves to minimise risk as much as possible.</b> <b></b><h3><b>Cost</b>: £2.66</h3>
<b>Our healthcare workers&apos; entire bodies, from their necks to their ankles, are covered by this suit. It is the base of the personal protctive equipment, ensuring that our staff do not come in contact with infected bodily fluids. </b> <b></b><h3><b>Cost: </b>£16.14</h3>
MSF protocol requires that when treating Ebola patients an extra protective layer must be worn in order to further limit the chance of infected bodily fluids from reaching the health worker through tears or rips in the main protective suit. <b></b><h3><b>Cost</b>: £4.05</h3>
<b>These heavy duty boots offer protection from Ebola while also providing comfort for the medical worker. They are relatively easy to remove during the lengthy undressing process</b>. <b></b><h3><b>Cost</b>: £9.22</h3>
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Total cost of an Ebola protective suit <h3>£38.18</h3>

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