Check out Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and a MidSummer Night's Dream
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<h3>Deducing Word Meaning through Text Searches</h3> Consider the power of being able to search the entire text for word occurrences and being able to derive meaning from that (e.g. search &quot;wherefore&quot;).
<h3>&quot;Now Half the Page is a Stage&quot;</h3> Students are able to read the text and the scene simultaneously (fantastic tool for deducing humor and nuances within the scene and stage directions)! <h3>Inform Language through the Performance</h3>
<h3>Evolution Through Lines</h3> Students can see a dynamic character evolve (e.g. Capulet) through mood changes and the text: Juliet&apos;s father moves from &quot;My child is yet a stranger in the world... too soon marred... hopeful lady of my earth&quot; to &quot;is she not proud? doth she not count her blest... Hang thee, young baggage! disobedient wretch...get thee to church o&apos; Thursday or never after look me in the face: disobedient wretch.&quot;
<h3>Instant Personalized Study Guides</h3> Create annotations and highlights within the text that instantly become notecards
Now Shakespeare is easily digestible by all! Blackadder gives William Shakespeare what's coming to him. This isn't mine. I don't own anything.
<h3>Remixing Shakespeare</h3> Ideas and Sample Student Projects Explore Shakespeare Like Never Before! Shakespeare apps World of Shakespeare EvernoteAugmented Reality ShakespeareApproaching...
WordPlay Shakespeare Thinglink created by Lisa Johnson using InstaMag app. TechChef » Where I'll be next: 11/12: Miami Device, Miami, FL
Check out a Modern Take on Romeo and Juliet from Larry Reiff! Larry Reiff brings classics like Romeo and Juliet to life by making a play from 1597 relevant and exciting through engaging, performance-based assignments on iPad that use apps, books, videos, and more from iTunes.
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