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Early tools such as these scrapers were commonly used to skin and cut animals. These are one of the first tools made by early humans. They are made by hitting rocks together to form slivers of stone. these slivers would be sharpened and you would have a stone scraper. www.texasbeyondhistory.net
Early settlements began along rivers because they were a source of fresh water and food (fish). It also provided an easy way to get water for crops and domesticated animals.
www.mapsgroup.org Improving the education quality of children in less fortunate communities.
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This is believed to be a prehistoric tent ring. Tent rings are rocks that held down a tent that was either removed or over the ages deteriorated, leaving a circle of rocks www.netscapades.com
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www.youtube.com 'Food in Prehistoric Wormingford' by Jenna JOY Menzies Short film about food in prehistoric Wormingford created as part of a filmmaking workshop at the Wormi...

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