<b>RB HERSCHEL WALKER</b> Walker appeared in 42 games and was the Vikings’ leading rusher from 1989-91. He averaged 53.9 yards per game rushing and scored 26 total touchdowns. Minnesota did not win a playoff game in Walker’s two-plus seasons. He played for the Eagles and Giants before returning to the Cowboys in a limited role in 1996.
Minnesota selected <b>TE MIKE JONES</b> with this pick. He appeared in 27 games over two seasons for the Vikings.
Minnesota selected <b>WR PAT NEWMAN</b> with this pick. He never appeared in a game for the Vikings but played in 34 career games, mostly with the Saints.
Minnesota selected <b>WR JAKE REED</b> with this pick. Reed was a solid player with four seasons of more than 1,000 receiving yards over a 12-year career with the Vikings and Saints.
<b>LB DAVID HOWARD</b> Howard was on the Cowboys roster for two seasons but did not record any statistics. He was traded to New England in a deal for the No. 1 overall pick in 1991, which Dallas used on DT Russell Maryland.
<b>RB DARRIN NELSON</b> Nelson refused to report to Dallas and was traded to San Diego for a fifth-round draft choice in 1990, which was then sent to Minnesota for a sixth-round draft choice in 1990 as part of the trade’s conditions. After another trade, Dallas eventually selected DB Stan Smagala in the fifth round in 1990. Smagala played in 11 games with the Cowboys in two seasons before signing with Pittsburgh as a Plan B free agent.
The Vikings chose <b>WR REGGIE THORNTON</b> with the Chargers’ fifth-round pick. Thornton never played for Minnesota.
<b>DE ALEX STEWART</b> Stewart was released and never appeared in a game for the Cowboys.
<b>LB JESSE SOLOMON</b> Solomon recorded 56 tackles in two seasons with the Cowboys. He was traded to New England for a sixth-round pick in 1992 that was used to select TE Fallon Wacasey, who never appeared in a game for the Cowboys.
<b>CB ISSIAC HOLT</b> Holt started in 41 games and had nine interceptions for the Cowboys. He started 11 games for the 1992 Super Bowl championship team.
Dallas traded this pick (21st overall) and a third-round choice to Pittsburgh for the first-round selection (17th overall) that was used to select <b>RB EMMITT SMITH,</b> the Hall of Famer and NFL all-time leading rusher.
Dallas traded this pick and a third-round choice in 1990 to San Francisco for <b>RB TERRENCE FLAGLER, DE DANIEL STUBBS,</b> a third-round choice in 1990 and an 11th-round pick in 1990. Flagler was released before training camp. Stubbs started 15 games in 1990, then was released after nine games in 1991. Dallas traded the third-round choice to Pittsburgh in the trade that allowed the Cowboys to move up in the first round to select Emmitt Smith. Dallas used the 11th-round choice in the trade package for the pick that was used to select Smagala.
Dallas traded this pick (11th overall), a second-round choice in 1991, DB Ron Francis, LB David Howard and LB Eugene Lockhart to New England for the first overall pick in 1991, which the Cowboys used on <b>DT RUSSELL MARYLAND.</b> Maryland was a key player on the Cowboys’ defensive line for five seasons, including the three Super Bowl teams.
Dallas traded this pick and a fifth-round choice in 1992 to Houston for <b>RB ALONZO HIGHSMITH,</b> who started five of the nine games he played with the Cowboys before he was released.
Dallas traded this pick (13th overall) and Minnesota’s third-round pick to New England for a first-round (19th overall), second-round and fourth-round choice in 1992. Dallas then traded the first-round and fourth-round choices to Atlanta for a 1992 first-round pick (17th overall) used to select <b>CB KEVIN SMITH.</b>
The Cowboys also received a 1992 fifth-round selection from Atlanta used to take <b>DB GREG BRIGGS. </b>
Dallas used the second-rounder from New England to select <b>S DARREN WOODSON.</b> Kevin Smith and Woodson were starters in the Cowboys secondary throughout the 1990s. Woodson was a five-time Pro Bowler and was selected first-team All-Pro three times. Briggs appeared in 11 games with Dallas.
Dallas traded this pick to Kansas City for second-round and third-round choices in 1992. These picks were then packaged in a series of draft trades with Washington and Detroit that led to the Cowboys selecting <b>DB CLAYTON HOLMES and OL JAMES BROWN</b> with third-round picks in 1992, <b>OL TOM MYSLINSKI </b>with a 1992 fourth-round pick and <b>DB CHRIS HALL</b> with a 1992 ninth-round choice.