#mscde graduation after-party
I can't draw people so have rented this audience from Wingdings.
Party-goers in SL and RL could be invited to use a dedicated hashtag - #mscdeparty - to record and share what takes place as it happens. This would allow for the innovative and distinct personality of the MSc in Digital Education programme to be shared with a much wider audience. Shameless self promotion.
It might be interesting to invite all participants to simultaneously capture and then share a snapshot of their personal space during the party. This could offer interesting and amusing insights into how the event is being enacted in difference locations and spaces. It would also offer a glimpse of the 'third world': the home and work spaces from where participants are controlling their avatars.
Events in Second Life would be digitally presented life size, onto a blank wall. This would allow for interaction between those in the virtual world and their counterparts on the physical campus. Interaction could conversation, dancing, 2-player Space Invaders on my vintage Atari, and the coordination of a 'Class of 2014' photograph, captured both in SL and RL. The ambient sound from each space could feed into the other.
Participants in SL and RL could share a music soundtack, potentially drawing on existing playlists from the Elektronisches Lernen Muzik project (from the MSc in Digital Education). The selection and sequence of tracks could be manipulated in real time by those in SL and RL. www.elernenmuzik.net
Wine, cocktail sausages and cheese & pineapple skewers not pictured.

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