Neural communication is like a toilet
Pushing the handle down requires a specific amount of force in order start the "action potential", or the firing of a neuron. This required force is the "threshold" or the required amount of information in order to trigger the firing of a neuron.
Direction of Impulse: The water in the toilet only flows in one direction, the way the message in a neuron can only go in one direction.
Refractory Period: The toilet bowl must fill up again in order for it to be flushed again. Waiting for the bowl to fill is like a neuron waiting to recharge so that it can fire again.
All or None Principle: The toilet either flushes or it doesn't just like a neuron either fires & sends a message or it doesn't.
If a message has been received by the toilet and enough force has been applied to the handle (threshold) the toilet will flush. This is the action potential - the message will be sent just like in a neuron.
Resting Potential: When the toilet bowl is full it is ready to fire when it receives enough of a message (when the flush handle is pushed).

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