The Journey to Mt. Sinai
Israelites worship the Golden Calf, while Moses is on the mountain with God. Please read Exodus 32: 1 - 35. Moses and the Israelites were camping near Mt. Sinai when God called Moses to meet with him on the mountain. God came in the form of a cloud and gave Moses h...
Moses receives the 10 commanments. Moses receives the 10 commandments - Bing video
Please read Exodus 15: 22-27 The Oasis at Elim
The Israelites' Battle with Amalek. Please read Exodus 17: 8 - 13.
Ark of the Covenant
The people cross the Red Sea. Please read Exodus 13: 17 - 14:31. Part 4: The Amanpour team tries to find the route of the Exodus.
Water from the Rock Please read Exodus 17: 1 - 7.
Quail and Manna Please watch the video in which the passage is read for you. You may follow along with Exodus 16: 4 - 35. Song # 1060 from Our Gospel In Song Collection by Col Johnston. The Book of Exodus tells us in chapter 16 that God provided the Israelites with manna (bread ...

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