world population
pangea: the world as when it was once together
the great river valley is one of the most earliest civilizations.
urban sprawl happens whenever humans expand so big they become cities and the houses slowly building around the big city
overpopulation happens whenever it is very densely populated in a section for example like Asia.
the fertile crescent is a place where the soil is firm and fertile, in this thing a lot of vegetation
Mesopotamia is a place next to a river, and has the best soil. was established because of the very first settlers; the summerians
the Siberian land bridge is in Alaska, it was an ice bridge in where people could pass through but it melted away
a pull factor is when people move away from were they where for better opportunities
push factor happens when the economy of from they are living is horrible, or some dictator is pushing them away.
religious persecution happens when your religion is causing conflict in where you live so you are forced to move away
ethnic persecution happens when there's racism
the economic factors of migration is poverty
the political factors are things like dictatorship.
environmental development happens when places lose their resources.
physical formation affects where people migrate because people move to places they think its more adaptable
sustainable development is when, life cannot be supported in that area, it need human work in order to keep alive.
migration happens whenever some type of conflict occurs or theirs a problem with the economy

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