This Thinglink explores the types of conflict in literature!
What is conflict? How would you describe it to a friend? Every story has a conflict. The question is: What type of conflict IS it? Watch this video to learn about 5 types of conflict you may see in any fictional st...
Character vs. character implies two different characters are against each other. Who is the main character, and who is he up against?
It's Rudy against...society. Society can mean a group of people, the government or law, or the world. Learn about Conflict (Man v. Society) in this short video clip!
These characters are battling a lot in nature! Can you spot them all? What is the MAIN nature conflict? Learn more about Conflict (Man v. Nature) in this short video clip!
Technology and machines are created by humans, but we still have conflicts with them! What are these grandparents up against? Hilarious couple discuss with Robin Roberts their attempt at recording a picture on their new webcam. Bruce and Esther Huffman Interview on Good Morning Amer...
Supernatural and paranormal can include a lot. How many supernatural things can you list?
This internal conflict is a struggle in the character's mind. What is Aladdin worrying about? Learn more about conflict (Man v. Self) in this short video clip!
After you're done viewing all videos, write your own scenario of one conflict type on a notecard. See the teacher's example.